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What is a Vehicle Protection Plan?

The Vehicle Protection Plan is an optional coverage for your vehicle designed to cover mechanical breakdowns without any out-of-pocket expense with the exception of a usual small deductible. We offer three levels of coverage to keep your vehicle covered for the time frame you choose.

Why a Vehicle Protection Plan is needed and how it can help you:

Let’s face it… the more a vehicle ages and accrue miles, there will be a higher chance of mechanical failure. Like any mechanical and electrical product, mechanical failure can be costly and unexpected. Our Vehicle Protection Plan will give you peace of mind, save you time, stress, and money you may not have to spend on a repair unexpectedly.

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Do I have to use my Vehicle Protection Plan at Penway Automotive?

No, while we appreciate your service business and we are always here to help, you can use our Vehicle Protection Plans at any licensed and reputable service facility. Our Vehicle Protection Plan company will even help you find a preferred service facility should you break down while traveling.

How much is the Vehicle Protection Plan?

Pricing depends on a number of factors. Such as, year, make, model, and mileage of the vehicle you purchase, the term and mileage you choose for protection, which level of protection you choose and more. We’ve done the research and work with the best providers with competitive pricing so our customers and feel confident they are getting a fair price on great coverage. Please ask our Customers Service Sales staff for full details on our Vehicle Protection Plans and pricing.

At Penway Automotive we understand buying a used car can be stressful. Our used cars go through a rigorous inspection process and are checked over for the highest quality used cars in Chambersburg, PA. However, let’s face, cars break, especially with all the computers and electronics in them today. This is why we offer Vehicle Protection Plans to help prevent you from costly unexpected repairs and most importantly, peace of mind.

*The information above is intended to provide a summary of available coverage on most, but not all vehicles offered for sale at Penway Automotive LLC. Please review to the plan terms and agreements for details, coverages, and exclusions. Pricing depends on availability, vehicle, mileage, and term. Please see dealership for full disclosures and pricing.